Upcoming Events: Next Week

I’m sending out a parent letter today with a review of our summer activities and lookingtowards the fall, but I just wanted to put out a few important dates in the next couple of weeks:

Tuesday, August 10: Estate Sale Auction–Fundraiser!

  • A partial estate of former volunteer Mary Lou Barthazon, who sadly passed away three years ago, has been donated by her daughter, Anne Blanchard, and is due to be auctioned off by Westlake Auction Company Tuesday, August 10 at 6pm in the St. Margaret’s School Gym.
  • Items vary from the vintage rare finds to every day values. Both the collector and deal seeker will find some fantastic items.
  • Collectibles include an original Beatles “Let It Be” poster, Depression glass, Fiesta ware, 1950’s colored metallic tumblers, and many vintage items: china, women’s hats and shoes, art supplies, men’s shaving kits, books, magazines, patterns, large bureau radio and much more!
  • Furniture items in excellent condition: French Provincial bedroom set, dressers, twin beds, a full-sized bed, a solid wood mirror with art nouveau carving, a flower potting stand, dining room table & chairs, wooden chairs, side tables, shelves, lamps, and more.
  • Please pray in thanksgiving for Ann Blanchard’s gift, for the repose of the soul of her mother, our faithful volunteer, and for the fruits of the estate sale. Be sure to invite your friends to come bid!

Wednesday, August 11: School Business Day (Registration, Fee & Tuition Payments, Records Submission),4-8pm

  • This is the day we get squared away to start the year off right. Though many may have registered and paid fees, we’ll need to make sure we have all the correct paper work, especially for new students. This will also be a chance to meet and greet many teachers and school commission members.
  • New students (registered) will need to: make sure they’ve paid their registration fee, book fees, and pre-school fees (if applicable), and submit their birth certificate copies, current immunization records, and school transfer records (if applicable).
  • Returning families will pay fees and update family information.
  • All families who’ve not received approval for Tuition Assistance will pay their fees, first month’s tuition, and agree to a payment plan on a yearly, quarterly or monthly basis, to be paid in advance of that term.
  • Families seeking Tuition Assistance or applying for available scholarships will need to meet with Mrs. Smith and fill out a Tuition Assistance/ Scholarship Application. Registration will be completed upon an agreed and signed tuition assistance plan.
  • Family Covenant: in the past we’ve operated with a school contract for parents, a general education agreement which says that we will educate children and parents/ guardians will pay tuition and fulfill their service hours within the school community. This year the contract wording will be greatly enhanced beyond tuition payment and with specific details on tuition payment and method and ramifications. The covenant will explain more fully the role of the parent as first educator, and the role of teacher and administrator in helping the parent on the journey to raise the children to grow in love of Jesus Christ in wisdom. We look forward to seeing you there!
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3 Responses to Upcoming Events: Next Week

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  2. Rebecca Ridgely says:

    Hello, I will not be able to attend the business night but I would like to know what sports/clubs will be available for 3rd grade. I will need to bring in paper work for my new student Tyree Ridgely and Summer Watan will be a return student. Thanks.

    • Thank you for stopping by our blog, Rebecca! We’re sorry that you couldn’t make it tonight, but that’s okay. Maria will be in the office Friday 9-2 to take care of business, paperwork and tuition. As to activities, we’re working on a couple things this year, including a Multicultural Club, an Children’s Arts group, and sports. Give us a call at the office for more information!

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