…and we’re off!

Today was the first day of school. Here at St. Margaret’s we begin with two half days, allowing our educational team of students, parents, and teachers to adjust from summer into the school year and new routines.

Morning prayer was led by Fr. David Gau, SJ, who gave a little introduction about today’s saint of the day, St. John Eudes. St. John Eudes was known for many, many things, but especially for his devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the seat of God’s infinite mercy, is integral to our spirituality here at St. Margaret’s, because our patroness, St. Margaret Mary, in the 17th Century was the given the mission of spreading this devotion to God’s Heart and His Mercy.

I asked a couple students what the favorite part of their morning was. Two girls in Mrs. Greff’s class said, “Reading time,” displaying the books and educational magazines Mrs. Greff gave them. Our 2/3rd grade paraprofessional, Mr. Cox, said he and the kids really enjoyed the get to know you survey game they all played, an icebreaker game where the kids have to find another student who, for example, loves pizza or has been to another country.

Miss Petro, our veteran 1st grade teacher, enjoyed what she always enjoys the most—meeting the kids and seeing their smiles and eagerness to learn. She overheard one of her students saying to his mom, “School’s pretty cool.”

There you go. That’s a top endorsement from one of our kiddos: we’re cool.

See you tomorrow!

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