Mary, the Atomic Bomb & You

A priest friend of mine in Madison, Wisconsin, just launched his blog, “Commune of Cufflinks,” which is just starting up, but worthy of putting on your online bookmarks.

In particular, I point you to this *brilliant* homily from last Sunday, August 15th, the Feast of the Assumption. Besides having a gift for homiletics , Fr. Sternberg tells some amazing stories about Our Lord, Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and their miraculous intervention in history, one of the most amazing of which is the survival of six priests in Hiroshima who lived eight blocks from ground zero of the Atomic bomb.

Take a listen. It’s the perfect day to do so, on non-Sundays celebrated as the Coronation of Mary (also known as the Queenship of Mary), a special feast for Mary.If you don’t have speakers for your computer, or don’t have a quiet moment to listen, I’m going to see if I can download it and burn it onto a CD to give out.

In the mean time, pray a Hail Mary, Pray the Rosary, and go to Jesus through Mary. Becoming Close to Mary leads us closer to Jesus, Who leads us to peace in our families and eventually heaven.

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