Local Conference Features All-Stars!

I know two out of the four presenters for this years Catholic United for Life Conference in Cody (from my work in the Diocese of Madison), but trust me–all four are all stars of the Catholic speaking and Pro Life activist circuit.

For many people the term “Pro Life” means simply the fight to end abortion, but this year’s conference theme, “Making Sense of In Vitro Fertilization & Embryonic Stem Cell Research” drives home the point that Pro Life fights for human dignity on all fronts from conception to natural death, regardless of disability or ability.

Did you know that currently there are 800, 000+ conceived children, “unwanted” byproducts of IVF procedures, simply frozen and waiting to be destroyed? What happens to them? Why were they “made” in the first place? If you’ve wondered what the big deal about IVF or Stem Cell Research is all about, come hear this nationally and internationally renowned line up make the case. Plus, you’ll get to connect with fellow lovers of life as well!

If you’ve not seen the poster/ brochure at the back of St. Margaret’s Parish, here it is. Admittedly, I should have done this blog pos sooner, but if you really want to come to this conference, they can still make room (although you might have to brown bag it for lunch). Bottom Line: RSVP to Symona ASAP: 307-754-1026. You’ll thank yourself. See you there.

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