Saints Alive!

Happy Solemnity of All Saints!

It’s the month we honor the faithful departed, those who gaze upon the face of God in Heaven–the saints–and those who have passed away, and are on their journey towards heaven–those in purgatory. The saints, those recognized formally by the Church as Saints  and Blesseds, but also those who’ve achieved beatitude but not formally canonized, are ones from whom we ask prayers or intercession to God. On the other hand, we pray for those who’ve not yet reached Beatitude, that those who, at the time of death, retain some stain or effect of sin (honestly, most of us) and must be cleansed (See Revelation 21:27 and 1 Corinthians 3:13-15 and the Catechism #1030. Purgatory is not a higher level of hell, as many think. It’s an antechamber to heaven!
So in honor of this month, I will be doing two main things:

1) Doing blog posts on Saints, especially newer or relatively unknown Saints & Blesseds.
2) Praying for all the souls of the faithful departed in Purgatory, particularly those friends and family members of the school. Please pass on those names by phone or email, and we will place them at the altar during our school Masses, and keep them in prayer.

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