CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK 1/28/11 – 2/6/11

Truth and Education by Father Duncan

People who have had a chance to drink a world-class wine, a supreme vintage and a pinnacle year, often then develop an ability to taste the differences between wines.  They develop a sense of taste and can begin to appreciate good wines of all different sorts.  No longer is it true that one wine is as good as another.  They acquire a discerning palate and suddenly dinner becomes more exciting and they don’t just settle for anything.

The same experience happens with education.  When a person experiences an education where the Truth of the scriptures and tradition is woven in with the truths of the arts and sciences.  Well, you simply don’t want another kind of education, you can now see the difference.

In modern academic settings, governed as they are by political and pragmatic concerns, there are no principles for discerning and appreciating what is timeless, beautiful and transcendent.  This results in the fiasco of such things as “The History of Barbie 101” being placed on the same level as Shakespeare.  Because of the rise of relativism in modern academics, everything is relative and there is no sense that something is objectively great and beautiful.  Homer is therefore given the same weight as Maya Angelou.

But when education incorporates the eternal, absolute and unchanging truths about God and about the human being, then and only then does someone have the ability to say “That is true, that is good and that is beautiful.”

It is such a joy and blessing, for both Fr. Dave and I, to see how well the faith is being learned by our students.  Everyday they learn unchanging truths that will enable them to prioritize all the other things they learn.  In our world today we are bombarded with information, this is the information age.  But most people do not know which information is important and weighty.  It all appears the same on the computer.  Only when we are grounded in the eternal, objective and unchanging truth about God, the world and ourselves can we then decide what information that is coming across my computer, my phone or my television really matters for helping me live a richer, fuller life.

It is a great joy and blessing for me personally to begin the day with prayer and study with your children, may God bless you and your families and bless our Catholic schools.


Fr. Andrew Duncan

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