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At St. Margaret’s, we rely on the generosity of others by the grace of God to foster a thriving educational environment. There are various ways that you can support the school:

  • Spiritually: We depend greatly on the prayers and sacrifices of others. Please remember us at Mass, and offer prayers and sacrifices. Contact us for a list of prayer intentions if you would like to be a member of our prayer team!
  • Physically/ Materially: One of the best gifts is the gift of your time, service, or a gift in kind. See our Volunteer page (forthcoming) for ways you can serve the Lord at the school, or see our Wish List page to see a way to give a gift in kind. We can use talents and gifts of all stripes!
  • Financially: Though poverty is a gift from God because it allows us to be detached from the world and teaches us to rely only on God, we still need to pay our bills, purchase textbooks, maintain our building, and we owe a just wage to our hardworking faculty and staff. Did you know that tuition only covers 1/3 of the cost to educate a child at St. Margaret’s? The rest is subsidized by St. Margaret’s Parish, St. Stephen’s Mission, the School Foundation and private donors. Please also remember us in your estate planning. All financial gifts to St. Margaret’s school are tax-deductible.

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