Volunteer Opportunities

Serving the school with your gifts and talents is, indeed, a great gift. Did you know that a volunteer hour in the state of Wyoming (according to the Corporation for National & Community Service) is worth about $20? For example, when our school families serve the school to fulfill their covenant volunteer hours (I like to think of them as “angel hours”), those roughly 1,500 hours add up to $30,000 saved for the school–and family tuition! Indeed, it’s worth a lot more spiritually. That’s definitely worth it, and the benefits not just for school families, either.

Other important benefits of volunteering:

  • Making a difference in a child’s life
  • Increased health and longer life
  • Increased connection to your parish and school community
  • Increase your networking contacts
  • A great experience to  add to your resumé
  • Learn or develop skills you already have

Please consider giving the gift of your time in the following ways:

  • Hang holy water fonts in classrooms.
  • Hang up Chamber of Commerce Membership plaque.
  • Install Cissie Rozier Plaque in Gym.
  • Prayer team members
  • Recess duty
  • Help advertise sale of expensive toner cartridges donated to school
  • Help purge old books, repair books in library
  • School Committee members
  • Librarian substitute
  • Computer teacher helper/ substitute
  • Highway clean up by casino (Thursdays, 3:15pm)
  • Reading/ Social Studies Helpers (4th/5th grade)
  • Help set up/ network donated color laser printer.
  • Go through, purge/ repair library books.
  • Tidy up, redecorate library.
  • Dispose of unusable old electronics.

Contact Maria, our school office manager at 307-856-5922 or stmarg@wyoming.com , to sign up.

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